Moral values

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Moral values

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Raju and Sita were siblings who lived in a small village in rural India. Their father was a farmer who worked hard to provide for the family. One day while playing near the fields, Raju spotted a shining object in the dirt. He dug it up and discovered it was a gold coin! Raju was overjoyed and ran to show Sita.

"This is wonderful!" said Sita. "We should use the money to buy something nice for our family."

But Raju had another idea. He wanted to use the money to buy sweets just for himself. "Why should I share this coin I found? I'll buy jalebis and enjoy them alone!" he said greedily.

Sita tried to reason with her brother. "The right thing would be to share this blessing with our whole family. Keeping it all for yourself is selfish." But Raju ignored her and snuck away to the market.

At the sweet shop, Raju bought a whole bag of jalebis with the gold coin. As he walked home, eating the sweets, he passed by a temple. The priest was collecting donations for new robes. On an impulse, Raju handed the priest the remaining jalebis.

"Thank you for your kindness, son," said the priest. "You set a good example."

Raju suddenly felt ashamed of his selfishness. His sister was right - sharing with others brought more joy than eating sweets alone. From that day on, Raju remembered the wisdom of generosity. All because of one lucky gold coin found in a field.