If a student threatens

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If a student threatens you, it's crucial to take the matter seriously and follow appropriate procedures to ensure the safety of both yourself and the student. Here's what you should do:

1. **Stay Calm**: In the moment, remain as calm as possible. Do not respond with anger or threats in return.

2. **Ensure Immediate Safety**: If you feel physically threatened, remove yourself from the immediate danger, if possible.

3. **Call for Help**: If the threat is severe or you believe it requires immediate intervention, contact your school's security personnel or the appropriate authorities (e.g., school resource officer, campus security, or the police).

4. **Document the Incident**: As soon as it's safe to do so, write down a detailed account of the threat, including what was said, when and where it occurred, and any witnesses present.

5. **Inform Supervisors**: Report the incident to your immediate supervisor, such as your principal or department head. They should be aware of the situation and can provide guidance on how to proceed.

6. **Involve School Administration**: School administrators should be informed about the threat, and they will likely initiate their own investigation and disciplinary procedures.

7. **Seek Counseling or Support**: If the threat is not immediate but still concerning, consider involving school counselors, social workers, or mental health professionals who can work with the student to address the underlying issues.

8. **Maintain Open Communication**: Keep the lines of communication open with your school's administration and any relevant support services to ensure that appropriate actions are taken.

9. **Follow School Policies**: Familiarize yourself with your school's policies and procedures for handling threats and violence, and ensure that you follow them precisely.

10. **Take Personal Safety Precautions**: If you have ongoing concerns about your safety, work with your school's security team to implement safety measures, such as changing your classroom location or having a security escort.

Safety is the top priority when dealing with threats from students. Ensure that the appropriate authorities and professionals are involved to address the situation appropriately and prevent further incidents.