Idioms & Phrases #1

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🔘Raining cats and dogs🔘

✅pouring, raining very heavily

✳️Where are you going, can’t you see it’s raining cats and dogs? You’ll get soaked in a minute if you go out now.

✳️They didn’t go to the theme park because it was raining cats and dogs almost all day.

🔘Face like thunder🔘

✅being clearly very angry or upset

✳️I don’t know what was happening, I just saw that a man with a face like thunder was chasing a little boy out of the grocer’s shop.

✳️She didn’t say anything but her face was like thunder; she slammed the door as she left, and we haven’t seen her ever since.

🔘Storm in a teacup🔘

✅exaggerating a problem, anger or worry about something unimportant

✳️Their debate was only a storm in a teacup – actually neither of them took the problem too serious.

✳️The reports about the demonstration are a storm in a teacup – there wasn’t as much violence there as they say.

🔘Chase rainbows🔘

✅waste time trying to achieve something impossible

✳️My wife never believed I would make it as an executive manager; she always thought I was just chasing rainbows.

✳️Can’t you see you’re only chasing rainbows? There’s no way to get this girl marry you.

🔘Lightning fast🔘

✅extremely fast

✳️I don’t think we can keep up with him, he’s got a lightning fast bike.

✳️The robbery lasted only a minute, and then the robbers disappeared in a lightning fast car.

🔘Head in the clouds🔘

✅having unrealistic or impractical ideas, daydreaming

✳️Is your sister in love? I see her walking around all day with her head in the clouds.

✳️You have your head in the clouds if you think Mary will come to your birthday party after the nasty things you’ve done to her.

🔘Snowed under🔘

✅having too much to do

✳️I’d love to help you, but I’m completely snowed under at the moment.

✳️Could you come over and fix the tap in the bathroom? But of course, only if you aren’t snowed under, it’s not so urgent.

🔘Under the weather🔘

✅ill, sick, feeling unwell, sad or lacking energy

✳️Do you mind if I stay out of work today? I’m feeling under the weather, I may have the flu.

✳️I heard you were ill yesterday. Are you feeling better now or are you still under the weather?

📕Ride High📕

✅it means to be successful at something or to feel good and happy at a certain time.

▶️For example:

🎯They finished their final exams and were riding high thinking about their summer holidays ahead.

🎯Their success in the trials had them riding high and excited for the main competition.

🎯After the proposal, the newly engaged couple were riding high. They couldn’t wait to tell their friends and family.

🎯I’ve been riding high ever since I got the promotion in work.

🎯The football team is riding high this year, they have won every home game and are certain to win the championship.

Here is a dialogue with the idiom ride high:👇👇👇

📕"At the top of one's lungs" 📕

✅It means with a very loud voice

▶️For example:

🎯The fans screamed at the top of their lungs during the game.

🎯I yelled at the top of my lungs when I saw my friend on the street.

🎯The child screamed at the top of his lungs for his mother.

📕Horse sense📕

✅It means good judgement in making decisions, common sense.

▶️For example:

🎯Our boss has good horse sense so most of his decisions are good.

🎯The businessman has lots of horse sense and he usually does well when he makes a deal.

🎯The boy has no horse sense at all.

📕For all intents and purposes📕

✅It means practically speaking, almost completely, basically.

▶️For example:

🎯For all intents and purposes, the meeting was finished so we went home.

🎯For all intents and purposes, our project is finished.

📕Close at hand📕

✅It means nearby, within reach

🎯There were no restaurants close at hand so we could not get anything to eat.

🎯The computer printer is not close at hand so we must go to another room to print.

🎯I could not find a dictionary close at hand.

📕To blow something📕

✅It means to fail at something, to ruin something

🎯The young man needs to study harder or he will blow his classes."

🎯I think that I blew the final math exam last week.

🎯Our team was doing well but they blew it and lost the game.

📕Close at hand📕

✅It means nearby, within reach

🎯There were no restaurants close at hand so we could not get anything to eat.

🎯The computer printer is not close at hand so we must go to another room to print.

🎯I could not find a dictionary close at hand.

📕Every minute counts📕

✅It means time is very important

🎯The fire department is working hard to stop the fire. They know that every minute counts in this situation.

🎯The woman knows that every minute counts when she takes an important test.

📕On top of something📕

✅It means in addition to something

🎯On top of going to the library, I will also go to the bank.

🎯The woman is taking a computer course on top of everything else that she is doing.

🎯On top of being late for school, the boy did not do his homework."

📕To lower one's voice📕

✅It means to speak more softly or quietly

🎯The usher in the movie theater asked me to lower my voice.

🎯I lowered my voice when I was at the hospital.

🎯My friend is very loud and I always have to tell her to lower her voice.

📕A white elephant📕

✅It means something that is useless but often very expensive to maintain

🎯The man's car is a white elephant for him. He must always pay to repair it.

🎯The new stadium is a white elephant. It cost much money but it is not used often.

🔘A kick in the teeth🔘

✅Meaning: If you get a kick in the teeth, something bad happens to you or you feel that you've been treated poorly.

For example:

💥I'd just lost my job, so hearing that I had to move out of my apartment as well was a real kick in the teeth.

💥Gerry said that being told to get out of his apartment was a kick in the teeth after spending so much on doing it up.

🔘Above board🔘

☑️Meaning: If something is above board, it's been done in a legal and honest way.

▶️For example:

✳️I'm sure the deal was completely above board as I know James well and he'd never do anything illegal or corrupt.

✳️The minister claimed all the appointments were above board and denied claims that some positions had been given to his friends.

🎯Origin: Possibly derived from card playing and the fact that card players who keep their hands above the table (or above "the board") can be seen to be playing honestly, without cheating.

📕Tip of the Iceberg📕

💢If something is said to be 'the tip of the iceberg' it means that something is only a small part of a much bigger problem. The 'tip of the iceberg' is the part of a problem that can be easily observed, but not the rest of it, which is hidden.


✳️The problems that you see here now are just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous disasters waiting to happen.

🎯Origin: This idiom comes from the fact that only the tip of an iceberg can be seen and the rest of the iceberg, which is much larger, is underneath the water and cannot be seen.

🔘To make a rod for your own back.


☑️To do something that causes problems for yourself

Examples :

💥If she marries that loser she's just making a rod for her own back.

💥If you invite people to comment on your proposals you will just be making a rod for your own back.

🔘To take a back seat.


☑️To allow others to take control or make decisions

Examples :

💥 I'm quite happy to take a back seat and let her make all the decisions.

💥 The doctor recommended that I take a back seat until I have fully recovered from my illness


If you sit in the back seat of a car, you allow someone else to drive it.

🔘Set your sights on


If you set your sights on something, or set your sights on doing something, it becomes the target of your ambition or the object of your attention.

▶️For example:

✳️Stanley has set his sights on coaching Liverpool, so he'll start getting to know people who have influence in the club.

✳️Microsoft has set its sights on one of the biggest search engine companies, so I wouldn't be surprised if the company's shares go up.

🎯Note: This idiom can also be expressed as "has its sights set on", "has her sights set on", "have their sights set on", and so on.

🎯Origin: Metaphorical, and related to the fact that a person using a gun looks through the gun's sights in order to aim, and will have his sights set on the target before shooting at it.