Basic English #9

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Basic English #9

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Certainly! Here are a few more basic English phrases and sentences:

81. **Describing Your Weekend Activities:**

- I went shopping on Saturday.

- On Sunday, I visited the museum.

- I spent the weekend relaxing at home.

82. **Discussing Music:**

- I enjoy listening to rock music.

- Who's your favorite musician or band?

- Let's go to a concert together.

83. **Talking About Travel Memories:**

- When I went to [Destination], I saw amazing sights.

- I met some friendly locals during my trip.

- Traveling is a great way to create memories.

84. **Discussing Goals and Ambitions:**

- I want to learn a new language.

- My goal is to get a promotion at work.

- I aspire to travel the world one day.

85. **At the Movie Theater:**

- I'd like two tickets for the 7:00 PM show.

- What's playing on the big screen tonight?

- I enjoy watching action movies.

86. **Talking About Seasons:**

- I love the colors of autumn leaves.

- Winter is my favorite season for skiing.

- Spring brings beautiful flowers.

87. **Discussing Transportation Preferences:**

- I prefer taking the subway over the bus.

- Bicycling is an eco-friendly way to commute.

- I usually carpool with my colleagues.

88. **At a Job Interview:**

- I'm applying for the [Job Position].

- I have experience in [Relevant Skill].

- I'm excited about the opportunity.

89. **Describing Your Hometown:**

- I grew up in a small town.

- It's a peaceful place with friendly people.

- There are nice parks and shops there.

90. **Asking for Permission:**

- May I use your phone for a moment?

- Is it okay if I leave work early today?

- Can I take a photo of this?

Feel free to use these phrases to expand your English vocabulary and engage in more conversations. If you have specific language learning goals or questions, don't hesitate to ask for assistance!