Basic English  #8

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Basic English #8

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Certainly! Here are a few more basic English phrases and sentences:

71. **Talking About Your Education:**

- I'm a student at [School/University Name].

- I'm majoring in [Your Major].

- I have an exam next week.

72. **Discussing Books or Reading:**

- I love reading novels.

- Have you read any good books lately?

- I'm a fan of mystery novels.

73. **Discussing Your Weekend Plans:**

- I'm going hiking this weekend.

- I plan to relax and watch movies.

- Let's go to the beach on Sunday.

74. **At a Coffee Shop:**

- I'll have a cappuccino, please.

- Do you have any pastries?

- I like my coffee with sugar and cream.

75. **Expressing Concern:**

- I'm worried about the upcoming test.

- Are you okay? You look upset.

- I hope everything will be fine.

76. **Talking About Your Pets:**

- I have a dog/cat/fish.

- My pet's name is [Name].

- Pets are great companions.

77. **Discussing Your Health Routine:**

- I try to exercise regularly.

- Eating vegetables is important for health.

- I get enough sleep at night.

78. **At a Social Event:**

- How do you know the host?

- This party is a lot of fun.

- Let's take a group photo!

79. **Describing Your Daily Routine:**

- I wake up at 7 AM every day.

- After work, I cook dinner.

- I like to read before bedtime.

80. **Asking for Advice:**

- What do you think I should do?

- Can you give me some advice?

- I need help making a decision.

Feel free to incorporate these phrases into your conversations as you practice English. If you have specific topics or questions you'd like to explore further, please don't hesitate to ask!