Basic English #4

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Basic English #4

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Certainly! Here are some additional basic English phrases and sentences:

31. **Asking for Help:**

- Can you help me, please?

- I need assistance with this.

- Could you explain that again?

32. **Expressing Gratitude:**

- Thanks a lot!

- I really appreciate your help.

- You've been so kind.

33. **Giving Directions:**

- Turn left at the next intersection.

- It's on the corner of Main Street and Elm Street.

- You can't miss it; it's right there.

34. **At the Doctor's Office:**

- I'm not feeling well.

- I have a fever/cough/sore throat.

- Can you prescribe medication?

35. **Talking About Time:**

- What time do you usually wake up?

- It's half-past two.

- I have an appointment at 3:30.

36. **Expressing Future Plans:**

- I'm going to the beach next weekend.

- I plan to study English more.

- What are you doing tomorrow?

37. **At the Bank:**

- I'd like to open a bank account.

- Can I withdraw some money, please?

- What's the balance in my account?

38. **Talking About Food Preferences:**

- I prefer tea to coffee.

- I can't eat spicy food.

- Do you like chocolate?

39. **Describing People:**

- She has long hair and brown eyes.

- He's tall and wears glasses.

- They are friendly and helpful.

40. **Making Apologies:**

- I'm sorry for being late.

- I apologize for the mistake.

- Please forgive me.

Feel free to practice these new phrases in different situations to improve your spoken English skills. If you have any specific topics or questions you'd like to explore further, just let me know!