Basic English #3

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Basic English #3

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Certainly, here are some more basic English phrases and sentences:

21. **Weather:**

- It's sunny/cloudy/rainy today.

- What's the temperature?

- I like warm weather.

22. **Hobbies and Leisure Activities:**

- I enjoy reading/watching movies.

- My favorite hobby is painting.

- Let's go for a walk/play a game.

23. **At the Restaurant:**

- I'd like a table for two.

- What's the special of the day?

- The food is delicious.

24. **Shopping for Clothes:**

- What's your size?

- I need a larger/smaller size.

- How does this look on me?

25. **Describing Things:**

- This is big/small.

- It's hot/cold.

- The book is interesting/boring.

26. **Expressing Likes and Dislikes:**

- I like pizza.

- I don't like broccoli.

- What's your favorite food?

27. **Invitations and Plans:**

- Would you like to come to my party?

- Let's meet at 3 o'clock.

- I can't, I have other plans.

28. **Traveling and Transportation:**

- I need a ticket to [Destination].

- The bus is late.

- Can you give me directions to [Place]?

29. **Emergencies:**

- Help!

- Call the police/ambulance.

- I've lost my wallet.

30. **Common Phrases:**

- Please, thank you, excuse me.

- I'm sorry, I don't understand.

- You're welcome.

Practice these phrases in different situations, and you'll become more comfortable with spoken English. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; it's all part of the learning process. If you have specific questions or need more examples, feel free to ask!