Basic English #2

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Basic English #2

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Certainly! Let's continue with some more basic English phrases and sentences:

11. **Time:**

- What time is it?

- It's [Time].

- Is it morning or night?

12. **Family:**

- I have [Number] brothers/sisters.

- This is my mother/father.

13. **Colors:**

- Red, blue, green, yellow...

- The sky is blue.

- I like the color [Color].

14. **Feelings:**

- I'm happy/sad/excited.

- How do you feel today?

- I love [Something/Someone].

15. **Travel:**

- I want to go to [Destination].

- Is there a bus/train station nearby?

- How far is it from here?

16. **Health:**

- I'm not feeling well.

- I have a headache/stomachache.

- Can you help me, please?

17. **Time Expressions:**

- Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

- In the morning/afternoon/evening.

- Next week/month/year.

18. **Animals:**

- I like dogs/cats.

- Birds can fly.

- The lion is a big animal.

19. **Clothing:**

- I need a shirt/pants.

- It's cold, I need a jacket.

- These shoes are too big/small.

20. **Common Verbs:**

- I eat, you eat, he/she eats.

- I drink, you drink, they drink.

- I work, he/she works, they work.

Remember to practice these phrases in your daily conversations and try to use them as often as possible. Building your language skills takes time and practice, but you'll improve with consistent effort. If you have any specific questions or topics you'd like to explore further, feel free to ask!