3. The Jungle Boy : Mogli

3. The Jungle Boy : Mogli

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C.Answer the following questions:

1. Why was a mother wolf getting upset?

A mother wolf was getting upset because she presented her young cubs and the man cub.

2. What was the man-cub named and how was he kept with wolves?

The man-cub was named Mowgli. Thus, Mowgli was kept with wolves at the price of a bull and Baloo's good words.

3. What did Bagheera say to Sher Khan?

Bagheera said to him, "Stop roaring. Sher Khan! and remember my words. One day, this man-cub will make you dance and sing on othertune."

4. Why did the wolves ready to keep man-cub?

The wolves saw it as their duty to protect the weak and vulnerable, adhering to the principle and they also thought "How can this little man-cub harm us ?"

5. When and where was the council meeting held?

The council meetings were held on full moon night in the jungle.