10 Quotes By Xunzi

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10 Quotes By Xunzi

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Here are 10 quotes by Xunzi:

1. "Human nature is evil."

2. "The heart is born with awareness."

3. "The heart is like a blank slate."

4. "Ritual is the foundation of society."

5. "Education is the key to self-cultivation."

6. "The sage is the ideal human being."

7. "The ruler is the head of the state."

8. "The people are the foundation of the state."

9. "War is a last resort."

10. "Peace is the goal of all human endeavor."

Xunzi was a Chinese philosopher who lived from 313 to 238 BCE. He was one of the most important Confucian philosophers, and his ideas had a profound impact on Chinese thought and culture. Xunzi believed that human nature is evil, and that we must be taught to be good. He also believed that ritual, education, and self-cultivation are essential for creating a harmonious society. Xunzi's ideas were highly influential in his own time and continue to be relevant today.