10 Quotes By Mozi

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Here are 10 quotes by Mozi:

1. "The way of Heaven is to love all equally."

2. "Universal love is the foundation of all morality."

3. "The greatest good is to benefit the people."

4. "War is a great evil that should be avoided at all costs."

5. "The strong should help the weak."

6. "The rich should share with the poor."

7. "We should all live in harmony with one another."

8. "We should all be tolerant of others' beliefs."

9. "We should all strive to make the world a better place."

10. "We should all live our lives in accordance with the will of Heaven."

Mozi was a Chinese philosopher who lived from 468 to 391 BCE. He was the founder of Mohism, a school of thought that emphasized universal love and social justice. Mozi believed that all people are equal and that we should all love and care for one another. He also believed that we should all work to make the world a better place. Mozi's ideas were highly influential in his own time and continue to be relevant today.